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MCCosmetics NY | Prof. Clever Treatment Pack

  • $ 228.00
  • $ 228.00

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The MCCosmetics Clever Treatment is an antiaging treatment recommended for mature and aged skin, which empowers cell renewal and visibly reduces wrinkles, flaccidity, and blemishes. The skin becomes highly hydrated and consequently smoother and firmer.

Main characteristics & effects: Treatment pack that fully combines different products and ingredients, making this pack a clever solution with alternative ways for anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.

Presentation: 5 x Brightening Acid (5ml) 1 x Neutralizing Spray (50ml) 1 x Serum Clever (30ml) 1 x Clever Cream (50ml) 5 x Clever Mask (50ml) 5 x Clever Solution (40ml)

Recommended: Expression lines and wrinkles, ideal for special events, wedding days, and new year celebrations.

Treatment area: Face

Type of Skin: All skin types