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DE FABULOUS | Reviver Hair Repair Conditioner

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De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Conditioner is the perfect solution for chemically treated, porous hair. It rescues and revitalizes weak hair, making it more manageable. The conditioner's unique formula contains a reviving protein complex that replenishes lost proteins, restores moisture, and restructures fragile hair. 

The Reviver Hair Repair Collection is a great choice for daily hair repair therapy. The rejuvenating formula works with wheat-amino acid protein complex, soy and oat proteins to revitalize and restructure even the most fragile, chemically treated hair. 

The conditioner comes in three sizes: 8.5 oz., 33.8 oz., and 1 gal. Its key ingredients are soy, oat, and wheat protein complex. 

This conditioner is perfect for processed and fragile hair. It may be used as an everyday formula to keep your hair looking healthy and strong.