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DE FABULOUS | Hair D-tox Treatment

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De Fabulous Hair D-TOX is a revolutionary treatment that uses botanical ingredients to transform hair and scalp, boost hydration, and extend the life of hair and extensions. The treatment's anti-frizz solution is perfect for anyone looking to maintain healthy-looking hair.

The Hair D-TOX treatment contains miracle ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, which helps hair withstand heat and makes it more manageable. It also exfoliates the scalp, resulting in less flaking. Cysteine Protein works in synergy, restores lost proteins and reduces curl volume. Acai Berry Oil Properties are highly moisturizing, a natural emollient, restore elasticity to the hair, have anti-bacterial properties, and protect hair from free radicals.

The Hair D-TOX penetrates deep into the core of each strand, depositing Cysteine protein, natural oils, and fruit acids to strengthen hair from the inside out. This treatment smooths, hydrates, and seals the hair strand by strand, making it smooth and manageable.

Please note that this product is only for professional licensed cosmetologists and not for resale.