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Keeping Lusty's


JRL Professional

JRL is unwavering in its dedication to the professional beauty and barber industry. From the launch of their first dryer to their latest cutting-edge products, they bring you the most advanced technology available. They take immense pride in their fine craftsmanship, functional design, and the revolutionary materials they employ to create the best tools in the industry. They constantly innovate to bring you the most technologically advanced products, and their commitment to excellence is unwavering.

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  1. JRL Professional | Forte Pro Dryer | 1850W |
  2. JRL Professional | Forte Pro Feather Dryer | 2400W |
  3. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020 Set with charging Dock | Gold Collection
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  4. JRL FreshFade 2020T Clipper-Keeping Lusty
  5. JRL FreshFade 2020C Fade Blade-Keeping Lusty
  6. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020C | Fade Blade | BF04-G
  7. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020C-G Clipper | GOLD
  8. JRL FreshFade 2020T Trimmer-Keeping Lusty
  9. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020T Trimmer | GOLD
  10. JRL FreshFade 2020T Standard Taper Blade-Keeping Lusty
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  11. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020T | Standard Taper Blade | GOLD
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  12. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020T | Trimmer Standard T-Blade |
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  13. JRL Professional | FreshFade 2020T | Trimmer Standard T-Blade | GOLD
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  14. JRL Professional | Halo Hair Processor | Black |
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  15. JRL Professional | Large Premium Travel Backpack | Camera and Tools
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  16. JRL Professional | Magnetic Stationary Mat | LARGE
  17. JRL Professional | Magnetic Stationary Mat | SMALL
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  18. JRL Professional | ONYX Professional Cordless Hair Clipper
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  19. JRL Straight and Curl Styling Iron-Keeping Lusty