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MCCosmetics NY | Brightening Acid Pack (with Post Peeling Neutralizing Spray)

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The MCCosmetics Brightening Acid's main ingredients are effective in hyperpigmentation treatments, diminishing spots and blemishes from sun exposure, pregnancy, and acne origin. It has a brightening effect, giving the skin a glowing look.

Main characteristics & effects: An exclusive combination of Tartaric Acid, Alpha-arbutin, Kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide. This gentle peeling is applied with a soft massage.

Ingredients: Arbutin 10%, Lactic Acid 10%, Citric Acid 10%, Kojic Acid 5%, Salicylic Acid 5%

Recommended: Depigmentation, blemishes, acne scars

Treatment area: Face

Type of Skin: All skin types