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JRL Professional | ONYX Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

  • $ 195.00
  • $ 195.00
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Introducing the Patented Reset IQ Charge Technology - a revolutionary charging method that extends the battery life of your clipper. This design ensures a consistent charge up to 100% even after extended use. With 3 hours for regular charging and 5 hours for Reset IQ Charging, you'll never have to worry about running out of power during a cut.

Our clipper is equipped with Patented Smart-Clip Technology that senses blade resistance and speeds up the motor, guaranteeing a smooth, even cut every time. You can maintain consistent speeds during run time with constant power and two adjustment speeds for cutting versatility - 6,000 and 7,500 RPM.

The Onyx Fade Precision Blade helps you achieve a fresh fade look with a maximum length of 3.5mm. The Quiet Motor ensures a calm work environment, and with a maximum run time of 5 hours, you can get a lot done on a single charge.

The Advanced Lever Locking Feature offers five steady level locking adjustments with infinitely variable control that maintains over long-term use. Our Patented Cool Blade Technology keeps the blade cool to the touch, making it cooler than most clippers in a 30-minute test. The blade is also interchangeable with most professional clipper brands.

Our LED Display indicates the remaining battery time in the current speed setting, so you'll always know when to charge up. Accessories include 1 Screwdriver, 1 Brush, 1 Lubricant Oil, 1 Blade Protector, and 10 Comb Guards (½#, one #, 1-1/2#, two #, three #, four #, five #, six #, seven #, eight #), and 1 US Plug. And don't forget, the Reset IQ Charging Dock is included!