• De Fabulous Volumizer Cream 8.5 fl oz-Keeping Lusty

De Fabulous Volumizer Cream 8.5 fl oz

De Fabulous Volumizer Cream 8.5 fl oz

Instant lift for definition and bounce.
Volumizer is ideal for curly styling and maximum control of unruly fly-aways.

Smoothing Bar Cocktails:
Volume Combo: Mix together De Fabulous Styling Foam with De Fabulous Volumizer to maximize lift and lightweight, airy styling as well as increase retail possibilities.

Contouring Cocktail: Mixing De Fabulous spray gel with the volumizer and adding it to hair before heat styling leaves the hair with unbelievable shine and replenished protein and vitamins, as well as giving you a well balanced hold for perfectly contoured styles.

Matte Volume Blend: Add De Fabulous Volumizer to De Fabulous Sculpting Mud for easier application and added lightweight texture with a matte finish.

Molding Mix: Mix De Fabulous Volumizer with De Fabulous Molding Crème for softer application and added volume and shine.

•8.5 oz.

Key Ingredients:
• Sunflower seed oil

• Working crème
• Great for cocktailing 
• Adds body and shine

• Use at roots

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