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Experience the power of Armesso-AM Fitox's potent formulation, harnessing natural lipo-reducing actives to detoxify, purify, and maintain your skin. With its ability to deliver visible, long-lasting results, this product is designed to unlock complex protocols and ensure a toned and rejuvenated appearance.

Active Ingredients:

- CAFFEINE: Mobilizes and metabolizes free fatty acids

- AMPELOPSIN: Activates lipolysis and reduces fat formation

- FIT FACTOR: Stimulates natural fat breakdown

- ARTICHOKE: Provides powerful detoxifying and lipolytic properties

Enhanced Effects:

- Acts as a lymphatic drainer with high systemic detoxifying power

- Delivers powerful and multi-action lipolytic results


- For external use by aesthetic professionals only

- Apply to the skin and massage firmly for complete absorption

- Can be used with aesthetic equipment for enhanced results

- For best results, apply once a week until the desired outcome is achieved