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AMAZON SERIES | Keraçaí Restorative Leave-In Treatment

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The Amazon Series KerAçaí combines a high percentage of pure Keratin and Açaí berry extracts with antioxidants that deeply infuse into the cuticle of your hair. KerAçaí is a leave-in treatment that instantly improves the health and life of your hair by restoring lipids and protecting it from humidity and free radicals. Adding KerAçaí to your daily hair styling routine will result in smoother, shinier, healthier, and more manageable hair. Shine Boosting Protein Shot (Açaí Oil + KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment): Add a few drops of Açaí Oil to KerAçaí to boost the shine impact while providing an intense repairing protein treatment. Protecting your investment and choosing the right after-care products for your hair: Constant styling may reduce treatment and lessen its effects. KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment is the perfect protective barrier for hair when styling. It creates a lubricating barrier between hair and heat styling tools and deposits a thin layer of pure Keratin onto the hair, prolonging the life of any smoothing treatment within the Amazon Series line. Size: 8.5 oz. / 250 ml Key Ingredients: - Pure Keratin protein - Soy-wheat protein - Açaí Berry Extracts - Vitamins A & E Terminology: Restores lost protein, replenishes moisture, bonds to hair, creates a protective barrier, never tested on animals Usage: - Apply to damp hair and style with heat - Apply to wet hair before heat styling