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MCCosmetics NY | Azelaic Acid Pack (with Post Peeling Neutralizing Spray)

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The MCCosmetics Azelaic Acid is developed for treating acne and cutaneous hyperpigmentation. The active principles of Azelaic Acid contain bacteriostatic properties and exhibit an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase production, reducing melanin synthesis.

Main characteristics & effects: Azelaic is a dicarboxylic acid that clears your pores. It works on inhibiting skin irritation and on the uppermost layer of the skin. Gently promotes cell turnover, and it has antimicrobial properties. Milder peeling to treat acne.

Ingredients: Azelaic Acid 25%

Recommended: Acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea

Treatment area: Face

Type of Skin: Sensitive Skin