• JRL FreshFade 1050 Pro Cordless Trimmer-Keeping Lusty

JRL Professional FreshFade 1050 Pro Cordless Trimmer

  • $ 80.00
  • - $ -80.00
  • Patented Stay-Cool Technology - Keeps blades cool to the touch.
  • Rust-free, long lasting, self-sharpening Titanium blades -  stay sharp for every cut.
  • Digital control your current power setting and remaining battery life.
  • Patented Smart-Clip Technology - Senses blade resistance and rev up the motor speed.
  • Turbo Boost engine automatically kicks into gear when working with coarse, dense hair textures. 
  • Fast Charging Lithium-Ion Battery  - Last 3 times longer than traditional batteries.
  • Hard working, 5-Speed Motor will not snag or pull hair.  
  • Recovery charge technology A new way of charging that expands the battery life.