Armesso-AM LPR Liporeductive Solution | Transdermal Mesotherapy Serum |

LPR - LIPOREDUCTIVE SOLUTION | Lipolytic / Tightening | Armesso A.M. Mesotherapy

Contains high-quality L-Carnitine 1Gr, Sodium Mannuronate Methylsilanol 0.5%, Caffeine 75mlg

Visibly refines silhouette, smoothing hips, buttocks, stomach area, arms, and thighs. It alters the appearance of the skin, giving it a tighter look. The powerful synergistic combination of 3 active lipolytic agents improves the appearance of soft adiposity while visibly reducing sagging skin. Used as a compliment for weight loss program. 


Contiene L-Carnitina 1Gr., Silicio Orgánico 0,5%, Cafeína 75mlg., Extracto de Rodimenia Palmata.

La Solución Liporeductora es una potente y efectiva formulación lipolítica gracias a la calidad y sinergia de sus principios activos. Potenciada con extractos reductores vegetales dentro del cual predomina el Extracto de Rodimenia Palmata.

Estos extractos reductores aumentan el poder y capacidad de la Sol. Liporeductora para el moldeamiento corporal, incorporando un efecto drenante, aumentando la excreción de las grasas y combatiendo efectivamente el efecto YO-YO.


External use only. Product for the exclusive use of aesthetic professionals. Apply onto the skin area, massaging firmly with circular upward movements, until product is fully absorbed. It can be applied with aesthetics equipment such as galvanic current and electroporation. Apply once a week until reaching desired results.

Use through derma-roller, electroporation, iontophoresis, sonophoresis and cavitation techniques.
Pregnancy or lactation.
Box contains 5 vials with 10ml each. Each vial contains 0.338 US fl. oz.
L-Carnitine 1gr - Caffeine 75mg - Organic Silica (monometilsilanotriol Salicylate)
Certified with pharmaceutical quality standards GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice)
Certified with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
(International Organization for Standardization)

(*) This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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