I Love Pinch | Browtel - Brow Mascara - 5 Stars Brows

Browtel 5 star brows. Thicker brows, perfect grooming soft and smooth arches.


BROWTEL 5 star brows: With just one step, our brow building mascara will give you the perfect thick and groomed brow with a soft, smooth feel.

EVERYDAY USE: What did you do to your brows?! Building beautiful eyebrows daily is easier than ever with BROWTEL. For all hair types we got 4 different shades: Clear, Blonde, Brown and Black.

COMPLETE THE PERFECT BROW: Use our BROWTEL brow pencil to get the full perfect bold thick brow.

WEAR AND CARE: All our formulas are vegan, paraben and cruelty free (PETA.org approved)

ILOVEPINCH HAS WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR DAILY LOOKS: Concealers, Highlighters, ultra matte liquid lipsticks, Brow pencils and eyeliners, cheek & Lip tint (best tint eveeer!)

REMOVE ILOVEPINCH MAKEUP WITH FRESHY FRESH: Use our skin prep and skin care products specially developed for removing our long lasting formulas, inspired in K-BEAUTY.

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