Armesso-AM TRIAL | Transdermal Mesotherapy Serum |

TRIAL | Fat Burner / Weight Loss | Armesso A.M. Mesotherapy.

Contains high-quality Myrica Cerifera extract (Ampelopsin 1%).

Visibly refines silhouette smoothing hips, buttocks, stomach area, arms, and thighs. Improves the appearance of hard or compact adiposity. Myrica Cerifera Extract is known to Avoid rebound effect.


Contiene extracto de Myrica Cerífera (Ampelopsina 1%) Indicado para tratamientos reductores de adiposidades duras o compactas.

  • PREVIENE: Disminuye la Lipogénesis, la cual es llevada a cabo fundamentalmente por una inhibición del transportador de glucosa al interior del adipocito (Glut4) y una inhibición de la síntesis de ácidos grasos intra adipocitarios
  • ELIMINA: Estimula la Lipólisis a través de una estimulación directa de la Lipasa Hormona Sensible y una inhibición de la Fosfodiesterasa con el consiguiente aumento intra adipocitario de AMPc.
  • MANTIENE: Disminuye la Adipogénesis, esto se lleva a cabo fundamentalmente por una inhibición de la actividad de la perilipina, que permite una actividad mayor de la Lipasa Hormona Sensible a nivel de la vacuola grasa. Evita el efecto rebote.


External use only. Product for the exclusive use of aesthetic professionals. Apply to the skin area, massaging firmly with circular upward movements, until the product is fully absorbed. It can be applied with aesthetics equipment such as galvanic current and electroporation. Apply once a week until reaching desired results.

Use through derma-roller, electroporation, iontophoresis, sonophoresis and cavitation techniques.
Pregnancy or lactation.
Box contains 5 vials with 10ml each. Each vial contains 0.338 US fl. oz.
Myrica Cerifera extract 1%. Ph: 5,0 – 7,5.
Certified with pharmaceutical quality standards GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice)
Certified with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
(International Organization for Standardization)

(*) This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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