Armesso-AM Fitox | Transdermal Mesotherapy Serum |

FITOX | Fit Factor / Detox / Reducer | Armesso A.M. Mesotherapy

Contains Bometric Peptides, Fit Factor, Myrica Cerifera Extract, Ampelopsin, Trial, Artichoke, and Caffeine. 

It is a synergistic formulation that combines potent lipo-reducing actives of natural origin that provide a detoxifying, purifying, reducing, and maintenance effect. Its concentration in reducing actives allows it to unlock complex protocols and offer visible results that last over time.


CAFFEINE: Lipolytic that acts on the mobilization and metabolization of free fatty acids.

AMPELOPSIN: Plant extract forcefully activates lipolysis at different levels and reduces lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

FIT FACTOR: Next-generation Biomimetic Peptides naturally stimulate lipolysis while reducing lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

ARTICHOKE: Drainer with high systemic and lipolytic detoxifying power.


Lymphatic drainer with high systematic detoxifying power due to its choleretic ability. Powerful multi-action lipolytic capable of unlocking any protocol and obtaining excellent results. 


Contiene péptidos Biomiméticos – Fit Factor, Extracto de Myrica Cerífera – Ampelopsina – Trial, Extracto de Alcachofa y Cafeína.

FITOX provee un efecto preventivo, detoxificante, reductor y de mantenimiento sin romper el equilibrio natural del organismo. Sus componentes actúan en sinergia para desbloquear procesos reductores complejos y obtener una eficaz reducción de medidas.

Sus beneficios son:

-Activa y acelera procesos reductores
-Permite desbloquear procesos reductores complejos y rebeldes.
-Efecto desintoxicante y purificante.

-Efecto preventivo ideal para cierre de protocolos.
-Evita el efecto rebote.


External use only. Product for the exclusive use of aesthetic professionals. Apply to the skin area, massaging firmly with circular upward movements, until the product is fully absorbed. It can be applied with aesthetics equipment such as galvanic current and electroporation. Apply once a week until reaching desired results.

Use through dermapen, electroporation, iontophoresis, sonophoresis and cavitation techniques.
Pregnancy or lactation.
Box contains 5 Vials with 10ml each.
Biometric Peptides – Fit Factor, Myrica Cerífera Extract – Ampelopsin – Trial, Artichoke Extract and Caffeine
Certified with pharmaceutical quality standards GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice)
Certified with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
(International Organization for Standardization)

(*) This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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