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De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo | 8.5 fl oz - 33.8 fl oz |

De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo 33.8 fl oz

This everyday shampoo leaves the hair and scalp clean, moisturized, shiny, bouncy, and manageable. It stimulates and dilates blood vessels creating an increase in blood flow to the scalp for faster healthier hair growth. Anti-static technology prevents flyaways and frizz.

Ginger Energizing Collection:
Invigorating moisture and strength renewal.
Ginger’s unique formula of natural ginger root, panax-ginseng root extract and mint combines to create a hair system unlike any other. Natural ginger promotes health and strength while stimulating faster hair growth. The Ginger hair system restores shine and restructures fragile hair to its strong and radiant original state.

The Ginger Benefits:
For over 2500 years, ginger has been used all over the world as a medicine for many different ailments. Recently, it has been proven to provide those same amazing health benefits to hair. The healing properties of ginger are potent and stimulating. Natural wild ginger in De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Body Wash helps improve and even skin tone, while it restores necessary moisture, volume, health, and shine in De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Ginger also improves the quality and speed of hair growth, delivering long luxurious hair.

• 8.5 oz. 
• 33.8 oz

Key Ingredients:
• Ginger root 
• Panax-ginseng extract 
• Mint 
• Citrus extracts

• Every-day formula 
• Natural ginger health benefits 
• Strengthens and shines 
• Stimulates hair growth

• For all hair types

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