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AM ARMESSO | LeciPlus (Lecithin)

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The Armesso-AM LECIPLUS is a powerful solution that combines the lipo-reducing benefits of TRIAL with the extraordinary powers of LECITHIN, creating "LECIPLUS." The essential fatty acids in lecithin work to dissolve localized fat and cholesterol deposits, while also regulating protein levels and aiding in cholesterol elimination at the cellular level. Not only does lecithin emulsify and eliminate fats quickly, but it also enhances the absorption of important fat-soluble vitamins and contributes to cellular antioxidation processes. In addition to these remarkable benefits, A.M. LECIPLUS offers a triple lipo-reducing action similar to our renowned A.M. TRIAL product. Perfect for treating stubborn fat, body shaping, and reduction in measurements. For external use only, this product is exclusive to aesthetic professionals. Apply and massage firmly onto the skin area with upward circular movements until fully absorbed. For even better results, it can be used with aesthetic equipment such as galvanic current and electroporation. Incorporate into your routine once a week, and witness the transformation as you achieve your desired results.